Fulfilment Network Expansion
(Central Europe Programme)

Storage in Poland and the Czech Republic


Do you have questions? In the FAQ's section below you will find a list of frequently asked questions answered.

Participation and administration

Amazon EU Sarl, Luxemburg is still your contractual partner. Orders and sales of your products will be carried out the same way as for articles stored in German Fulfillment Centers. Only the storage location is different under this programme. You continue to control in which marketplaces you list your products as well as your order ship-to settings. By participating in this programme, you confirm that there are no legal restrictions in storing units in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. In light of the free movement of goods within the European Union we have no concerns regarding delivery and storage in Poland and the Czech Republic, as long as these products are also allowed for inbound and storage in Germany.

Yes, sellers registered for Pan-EU automatically participate in CEP.

After you accept the Terms & Conditions, Amazon will confirm your participation status via E-Mail. Your benefits will start on the day of your first inbound shipment directed to Poland and/or the Czech Republic.

No, participation in CEP implies both countries.

You can un-register from the programme at any time by disabling the settings in Seller Central. Please note that this will have financial implications in terms of increased fulfillment fee /item and in case you signed up for a particular incentive package, you have committed to a minimum volume. Please see the Terms and Conditions for details.

In case of a drop out, no new inventory will be inbounded to Poland or the Czech Republic. For the remaining inventory in those countries you have two choices: a) Leave remaining inventory in fulfillment centers until it is sold. b) Create a shipment order via Seller Central to trans-ship articles back to Germany. Please be aware that for trans-shipments standard DE fees apply. You will still be liable for tax reporting for the entire tax year in which you store inventory in Poland or the Czech Republic.

Pausing the participation of the programme is not in line with the programme intentions and objective, and therefore we don’t offer such an option. You can, however, independently deactivate the allowance to store inventory in PL/CZ in your FBA settings if you wish to stop your participation. If you do so, please note that this has financial implications for you, as you will be charged the additional fulfillment fee per unit for only storing your inventory in DE.

If you participate in CEP, there will be no change to your fees as the increased FBA fee is identical with the discount you receive through CEP.

If you do not participate in CEP, the increased FBA fee will be visible in the FBA Payments report. Note that the fee preview functionality currently does not reflect the increased fee.

Programme Benefits

No, the fee reduction will apply on all units participating in CEP, irrespective of whether they are fulfilled by Amazon in Germany, Poland or the Czech Republic. ASINs submitted for participation that are not eligible, such as ASINs fulfilled by the programme "Multi Channel Fulfilment (MCF)“, oversize or hazardous articles, will be rejected for CEP participation and accordingly be charged the normal fee without CEP discount.

Invoicing and taxation

You can use any tax advisors of your choice to comply with your VAT obligations. Note that you are solely responsible for the collection and payment of all taxes together with the filing of all relevant returns, such as VAT and Intrastat returns, and issuing VAT invoices/credit notes where required. To learn more about VAT click here. Please note that we will be obligated to share information about your transactions and units if requested by governmental entities or regulatory authorities that have jurisdiction over Amazon.

While we do not recommend or prefer specific VAT service providers, we have set up cooperation for discounted tax packages with Avalara and KMPG. The Avalara sign up page is available here. If you prefer KPMG, you can refer to their sign up page here.

If you choose to take advantage of the tax advisory services provided by Avalara or KPMG at reduced costs through Amazon, you need to register with or contact the respective service provider directly, and Amazon will not be part of this contract between the Seller and the Tax service provider.

The Avalara sign up page is available here. If you prefer KPMG, you can refer to their sign up page here.

The external tax provider offers additional services that you may choose to use on top of the tax services promotion package. Additional fees may apply if you choose to make use of them. These services include e.g. the use of non-Amazon data feeds, additional VAT audit assistance, and self-revision fee.

Amazon will share the following information with the external tax advisor: Name of Contact Person, Company Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Street, House Number, City, ZIP Code, Country, as well as the legal entity of your business register with Amazon.

No, a switch is not possible anymore. However, you can contact the respective tax advisors directly. By signing up with our external tax advisors Avalara or KPMG, you will benefit from reduced tax advisory fees and only one contact point for all European taxation matters.

Product selection

Oversize items, hazardous materials and certain liquids are ineligible units, as listed in more detail below:

  • Oversize products as defined in the DE FBA Rate Card
  • Products which are regulated as hazardous materials (Hazmat) for transportation (except for lithium ion and lithium metal batteries meeting the provisions of SP 188 ADR (or products containing those batteries either within or with the main product)
  • Products which are regulated under either the CLP Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 or the Dangerous Preparations Directive 1999/45/EC (other than GHS07 CLP and Xi Irritant DPD)

Please see more information on product restrictions here: https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/help/202030150.

CEP participation happens at account basis, not at ASIN level. When you sign up for CEP, all ASINs will be charged the reduced fulfillment fee, no matter if they are eligible for fulfillment from Poland and Czech Republic or not. At inventory check-out in Seller Central, you will be asked to send eligible ASINS to a CEP transload centre and non-eligible ASINs to another fulfillment center in Germany. This will not impact the fees.

Inbounding and storage

By enabling CEP, you authorize Amazon to allocate and store any of your German FBA inventory in the German, Polish or Czech fulfillment centres, at Amazon’s discretion. Amazon distributes the inventory pool according to customer demand and fulfillment network capacity. Currently all shipments are inbounded to Germany and then distributed to Czech Republic and Poland by Amazon as needed. Hence when participating in CEP you can’t restrict your inventory to only be stored in Germany.

Information about where your products are stored is displayed in the following Seller Central Reports: “Fulfillment by Amazon – Inventory (Daily or Monthly)” and “Sales – Amazon Fulfilled Shipments”: https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/ssof/reports.html

The policies and service levels with regards to shipment inbounding (and any optional value added services) are the same across the German, Polish and Czech fulfillment centers, hence there is no increase in your inbound time.

In addition to the possibility to send inventory using your own carrier, you can send inventory to the CEP receiving centers using the Partnered Carrier Programme (PCP) at 3,32€ per standard size parcel. Sending of oversize products and pallets with PCP is not possible.

Customer delivery and returns

Articles stored in Polish and/or Czech Amazon warehouses will be shipped to customers who order on amazon.de or customers, who order on a foreign amazon-page (amazon.co.uk, amazon.fr, amazon.es or amazon.it) and receive the product via the European Fulfilment Network from the Seller's German inventory.