Fulfilment Network Expansion
(Central Europe Programme)

Save 0.50€ by storing in Poland and Czech Republic

What is Fulfilment Network Expansion (Central Europe Programme)?

Amazon today operates more than 30 fulfilment centres across Europe to provide an excellent delivery experience with Fulfilment for Amazon (FBA) for your customers. To maintain and further improve efficiency and delivery speed it is important that German FBA inventory can be spread across Amazon’s fulfilment centre network in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

You can now use Amazon’s entire fulfilment network in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic by participating in the Central Europe Program (CEP) to store your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory that would otherwise only be placed in Germany.

“The fulfilment of our orders from Poland and Czech Republic work as smoothly and fast as before when we only used German fulfilment centres. At the same time, we save more than 1000€ per month, so this change has only been an improvement for us so far.“
Jörg Schnakenberg, CEO, EtikettenPlus

What are the benefits?

Take the guesswork out of managing inventory
Benefit from the 0.50€ lower Fulfilment Fee per FBA unit shipped from your German FBA inventory (stored in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic)
Take the guesswork out of managing inventory

Use three additional fulfilment centres with state-of-the-art technologies and 24/7 operations

Take the guesswork out of managing inventory
Increased delivery speed to growing customer base to Southern and Eastern Germany as well as eastern Europe through strategically located fulfilment centres in Poland and Czech Republic
Take the guesswork out of managing inventory
Increased shipment efficiency by inbounding to only one fulfilment centre per shipment

Monthly FBA Units shipped with CEP

Annual Fulfilment fee savings


1,500 €


3,000 €


6,000 €


12,000 €


24,000 €


48,000 €


96,000 €

How does it work?

  • Create your shipment as usual in Seller Central
  • You benefit from the lower fulfillment fees for all units, no matter if they are fulfilled from Germany, Poland or Czech Republic
  • Customer orders are shipped according to the Prime delivery promise. We offer the same customer experience for shipments from Germany, Poland and Czech Republic
  • Fulfillment processes and costs for lost and damaged inventory, removals and customer returns are the same for German, Polish and Czech fulfillment centres

During check-out of your shipment, Seller Central will show you depending on ASIN eligibility which ASINs to send to a CEP transload center for storage in Poland or Czech Republic or a German fulfilment centre.*

*Learn more about ineligible units

Packaging requirements remain the same as for inbounding to German fulfilment centres.

You send your inventory to a transload centre in Ottendorf-Okrilla (for PCP) or in Oranienburg (non PCP) in Germany. Direct inbound to PL/CZ is currently not possible.

Amazon distributes your inventory to Germany, Poland or Czech Republic based on anticipated customer demand and network capacity.

Customers have the same shopping experience and your storage location will not affect your Buy Box eligibility.

Who can participate in the Central Europe Programme (CEP)?

All sellers can participate and benefit from the lower fulfilment fee. Amazon charges no extra costs for the participation in the Central Europe Programme (CEP). Some product categories are not eligible to be fulfilled from Poland or Czech Republic and are thus excluded from fulfilment through the CEP network. This however, does not impact the eligibility to participate in the programme. As you continue to inbound your inventory to a German location, there are no additional inbound costs for you.

Important Note

Storing inventory in Poland and Czech Republic will trigger VAT obligations for your business and may trigger other reporting requirements, such as Intrastat. These or any other additional costs are not covered in above cost overview. With VAT Services on Amazon, you get tax services including VAT registration, filing and submission in Seller Central at special rates. However, you can also continue to work with your own tax advisor. For more information on the tax advisory services and VAT related questions please see the useful links below.

Fulfilment Network Expansion (Central Europe Programme)